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Do not get ripped off from Prague Taxi drivers. Never trust meters or promises. You can save a lot of troubles by prebooking taxi online on this server.

We guarantee fixed prices of all our transfers.

What you see at our price-list or confirmation voucher, that is exactly what you will pay. If you have trouble understanding some items from our price-lists (eg.additional services like flowers or bottles of champagne) or if you want to take a special trip which is not included in our price lists, use please the contact form to get the quick quote or an answer to your question.

Prices of transfers start at 5 EUR.

The most popular transfer service is a private Prague airport transfer which costs 20 EUR (490 CZK) per car / transfer. That is 5 EUR per a passenger when the car is fully occupied (4 pax). We never ask you to pay more unless you have ordered an additional service.



Not long time ago I was driving from Prague Ramada hotel on Wenceslaw square with american clients, who needed to get to Prague airport. We had a problem with the luggage - it was a group of 4 people, but the quantity and size of their luggage was too much for my car - sedan. They had to get to Praguie airport in 30 minutes and we had no minivan in reasonable range to call it.

So I approached the closest taxi driver and ask him for a help.
"How much would you charge to take 2 people to the airport?"
"1500,-" (Czech crowns)
"1500??! Are you serious?"
"What are you talking about, it is good price."
"It is not good price - we drive for 500,- - it is three time less!"
"So you can go with them for three time less, ha ha..."
I had no nerves and no time to argue, so I just said "thank you for your information", and wanted to find someone else. The Ramada hotel taxi was about 750,- and would be available in 10 minutes. I was not able to call anyone of my collegues or friends available so my clients started to think they would wait for the hotel taxi. Then "our" taxi driver came to us again and said that he would do it "for me" at 1000,-CZK. I said "no, we are waiting for the hotel cab, which is going to be here in 5 minutes and will cost 750,-" then he quickly replied "OK, I will do it at 750,-". Under the time pressure we agreed. The clients did catch their plane, that was the most important, but it was unpleasant moment for me.

So what is the epilogue of the story?

1. never jump in first Prague taxi available
2. when you carry extra luggage, let us please know (just make note when bookings) - we will send larger car with no extra cost
3. make booking reasonable time in advance to get to Prague Airport with no stress (2hrs before departure)

If you book your private taxi transfer with us, we will automaticly suggest the best time of pick up for you. You will get message with the pick up time reccommendation or your driver from the Prague airport will advice you what time is the best to leave your hotel.



Our customers say:

We travel with ATP each time we come to Prague. We never had a trouble with your drivers - your service is great. Thank You. Peter F. Cork

Our company has been using the transfer services of ATP for 3 years now. We appreciate the reliability and the clear pricing of the taxis. Thank all your drivers and Happy New Year 2012. Mark Lust

Let me say thank you for your taxi service, Peter. We arrived to Prague during the Christmas 2011 with delayed flight. Our chaffeur had anyway been waiting for us until 2am! With no complaints, smiling, took us to our hotel and wished us Mery Christmas! Superb service! Martha & David, Copenhagen

Some months ago, i stopped a cab on the Old Town Square in Prague and the driver made me to pay 1900 czech korunas for trip to the Prague Airport. Later my friend recommended me the ATP Airport Transfer Prague company which operates at the fixed rate - now i go to the Prague airport for 500czk everytime. I must say that i will never stop a taxi on the street in Prague. Stephen

Fixed rate from / to Prague airport

So what does it mean fixed rate from/to Prague airport? It means that You wil not be charged more than what is stated in our web pages...

How much does it cost to get from Prague airport?

Nowadays - exactly - 20 EUR per sedan (VW Passat or Skoda Superb or Mercedes C class - all of which can carry up to 4 passengers) or 31 EUR per minivan (we drive VW Transporter, VW Caravelle, Merecdes Vito or Mercedes Viano - all of them are able to "load" up to 8 passengers) or, if your group is larger than 8 people, then we send you cars to collect all of your party, eg. if there is 11 of you, then we will send 1 minivan and 1 sedan to the Prague airport and your total price will be 20 + 31 = 51 EUR. Anyway - always count on the "final quote" which is given by our transfer operator in Prague.