ATP Free Map of Prague with every airport transfer

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Passengers in our taxis in Prague always appreciate when they find a map of Prague on the rear seats. Many clients come to Prague for the first time and to have a map of center of Prague helps them to walk around.

Ask your driver from the Prague airport to get free map of Prague with your transfer from (and to) Prague Vaclav Havel Airport. What more - many drivers can speak fluently english and they have good knowledge of Prague - do not worry about asking them for any information about Prague. We will try to give you the best possible information - where to get tickets for MHD (public transport), which is good restaurant to go in Prague, what sites in Prague not to miss etc...

As a driver I always ask my clients whether they have any questions. By encouraging them to talk it each time made the trip more relaxed and there is also one "bonus" - you learn a foreign language in exchange for gving the passengers some (useful) information :-)