Pilsen beer Excursion

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Pilsen beer Excursion

Tour route

1. Visitor Centre
The tour begins with the newly reconstructed historic building of the former “cooling stokes” from 1868. A dominant feature of the hall is the model of the brewery from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
2. Packaging plant
The brewery tour also includes a tour of the new packaging plant, which with a capacity of 120,000 bottles an hour is one of the most modern in Europe. You will be taken there by a special brewery bus.
3. New Pilsner Urquell exhibition
You will be brought to the new exhibition by the largest personal lift in the Czech Republic. After watching the film on the secrets of Pilsner Urquell beer production in the revolving panoramic cinema you’ll be able to learn more about the unique raw materials in the sensory exhibition.
4. Brewhouses
During the tour you’ll have the chance to see brewhouses from three different centuries. You’ll visit the historic brewhouse from the beginning of the 20th century and then see the holy of holies of Pilsner Urquell beer – the modern brewhouse from 2004. The process used to brew real Pilsner beer isn’t used in any other large brewery in Europe.
5. Halll of Fame
The exhibition located in the brewhouse from the 19th century is devoted to the history of the brewery and memorable milestones from the time of its origin and expansion.
6. Cellars
In the brewery cellars beer is still produced today following the traditional method – fermentation in open wood kegs and maturation in oak laying-down barrels. We offer the unfiltered and non-pasteurised beer produced by this method for tasting (in accordance with the Act on Protection against Alcoholism and other Addictions No. 37/1989 Coll., we do not serve alcohol to juveniles under the age of 18)

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Price of Pilsen beer Excursion


1-4 pax. / sedan          59 EUR + waiting

5-8 pax. / minivan       74 EUR + waiting

9 pax. and more         ask us

- Price here includes transfer, the waiting 200 CZK / 8 EUR / hour is NOT included.

- Price is per car, not per person.

Entrance fee: from 90 CZK till 250 CZK / person (discounted for children, seniors ). Guide included.

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Brewing in Pilsen

Beer began to be brewed in Pilsen shortly after the royal city was founded in 1295. The right to malt, brew and serve beer was hereditary and always linked to a burgher's house. This right was received from King Wenceslaus II by 250 Pilsen burghers. However, for more than seven hundred years they brewed top-fermented beer or rather poor quality, causing better beer to be imported to Pilsen from Bavaria or Saxony and cheaper beer from closer by.

In 1839 the licensed brewers decided to join together and become shareholders in a modern brewery, which was to produce sufficient quality beer. In 1842 the Burgess‘ Brewery opened its gates for the first time to welcome the acknowledged expert from Bavaria, the brewer Josef Groll. Not yet thirty, he succeeded in brewing the first brew of the golden, crisp and exceptionally tasty bottom-fermented beer - Pilsen lager.

Imagine the sense of wonder when its golden colour glittered and the snow-white head rose above it; how drinkers were amazed when they encountered the crisp, remarkable taste, till then unknown among beers, in which this domestic product gloried" recorded the chronicler.

Imports to Pilsen ceased as the renown of the new beer quickly spread. And not only through Pilsen. The Pilsen beer quickly began to be exported. This was due in large part to the carriers, whose heavy wagons crossed from town to town. The interest in the Pilsen lager was extraordinary - it soon reached the west Bohemian spas, where it was discovered by rich patients from the German lands and France, and it gradually won admirers around the world, including America in the 1870s. In the meantime there were attempts both at home and abroad to imitate it, leading the Burgess‘ Brewery in 1859 to register the Pilsen beer (Pilsner Bier) trade mark in 1859. The number of breweries in Pilsen multiplied, all producing Pilsen beer and profiting from the fame of the beer produced by the Burgess‘ Brewery. This resulted in another change. In 1898 (apparently in cooperation with the Berlin commercial representatives of the Burgess‘ Brewery) the Pilsner Urquell (in Czech Plzeňský Prazdroj) trade mark was registered.

In this respect it should be pointed out that beers with the name Pils, Pilsner or Pilsener are today produced by hundreds of breweries around the world and their consumers do not associate them with the city of Pilsen but only with the type of outstanding, strongly hoppy golden light lager which was first brewed in the Pilsen Burgess‘ Brewery in 1842.

The beer of unsurpassed quality, comparable in its appearance with a work of art, is a symbol of the skill and ability of the Czech nation. It is an effective and purely friendly way of spreading the country's good name around the whole world. By its originality Pilsner Urquell inspires brewers, artists, entrepreneurs and millions of people who sit down at a table with friends.

Origin: www.prazdroj.cz